Wednesday, June 22, 2016 : My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) Review Review
Recently I received the product called My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) for review. I received an annual membership to their online planning and record keeping program. This program consists of a variety of amazing features that make it easy to keep all your homeschool organization and planning in one place. You can even access it on the go from your phone or tablet to see just what needs to be done while you're on the road!

What we received:
I received full online access to their annual membership for their lesson planning website. In this program you can keep track of your entire homeschool year, all in one convenient place. You can see your attendance, plan lessons for the year, and track grades all in one place. It goes with you wherever you go so that you can easily keep track of homeschool plans on the road as well.

How it works:
This online planning program works very simply and easy. You will create your student's information and start lesson planning or tracking attendance right away. It doesn't take long once you have your student set up to get the planning part going. There's even a Teacher's Aid! Yes, you read that right! The teacher's aid helps you through the system and will remind you what you need to get done each day. There are emails that come to you to help you know when to mark items completed, if you need to move them to a different date or if you're still working on the project at hand.

You can even create reports for your homeschool portfolio or records if you like. You can create transcripts for your high schooler, print out a report card for the year or even just the semester, keep track of all their awards they've earned and so much more!

Ok so tell me I'm not alone here. At the beginning of the school year I set out these lovely step by step plans. We'll have this amount of lessons finished by our Christmas break and everything will run smoothly with no cause for fuss or muss, right? Well, inevitably something always happens. Someone gets sick or we have a lot of running to do or whatever. In that case the lessons always get shifted around. I wish I just could click a button and reschedule the lessons, shift them to a different part of the week. And now you can!! They have a lesson rescheduler that you can use to shift lessons forward so that you can complete them on different days.

How I Used It:
I put in Boo Bear's extra curricular activities that I know we plan on participating for this year. Mainly I used that section so I can have a reminder of when to sign up for these classes and check on the schedule they will put out. I also used it to set up our school year starting in this August as we're finishing up our studies now for the 4th grade.

Set up is quite simple and takes only a few minutes to get going. I have him set up and the emails registered to remind each day of tasks that should be taken care of. I will be inputting more of his class schedule for the upcoming year but I used it for our current finishing up of math. It's very simple to see the schedule we have laid out in front of us and to move days forward if we got sidetracked with all the fun summer time activities available.

What I Thought:
This is a fabulous resource for the homeschool Mom who likes to plan on the computer and have everything at her fingertips. You can also print out reports and transcripts too if you like to have hardcopies of the items your using. I love the reading lists they provide, the ease of use of the system, and the amazing features it offers. There's really something awesome in here for every grade level you can imagine. From reading lists for your little one to the transcripts and report cards for the older children, you will have everything you need right at your fingertips.

You can easily generate lesson plans with the generator and shift things around when life interferes. You can also set it up to automatically track attendance by the lessons you complete or whatever method you wish it to take. You can also manually track attendance should you wish to do that as well.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep everything all in one place for easy access and use. You'll love the easy at a glance report features, lesson plan copying features for repeated lessons, and so much more! There's really an amazing amount of features and ideas to use for this program to make it work for your homeschool organization.

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