Here at Our Journey I would love to review and advertise for your family friendly products. This is a family friendly, faith centered blog. If you have a product that you think that homeschooling families, faith centered families or just families in general could get use out of please contact me.


- 125 X125 spot in my side bar to family friendly products and items that fit my readers. These are done on a monthly basis.

- Please contact me for pricing and scheduling.


- I will be more than happy to review products and services that are family friendly and that I feel would offer my readers a product they can use.

- To review a product I will need a sample packet that would not be returned. I ask that you give me at least 2 weeks to get the review up after I have received the product. If you need it done on a certain time or if you need a different time frame please contact me and we can work together. I will let you know when the products have arrived and when the blog review is up.

- I will be very happy to host a giveaway of the product or service if you want to do that in conjunction with a review. Please inform me of what your terms and ideas are when you send over the information. If you do want to offer a giveaway I prefer you ship the product directly to the winner.

- I am an  honest reviewer. If the product is not working for my family, I will contact you to make sure we are doing it correctly or using it the way it was intended before posting a negative review. I try not to post a negative review on my site. I do want to be honest for my readers so I will discuss with you any problems we may have had and see how it works for other families.

I do two different types of reviews. Some may be compensated. For those reviews I have received the product and also monetary compensation for my review and services. Non-compensated reviews are ones I have received the product at no cost to me and have reviewed it with my honest opinions.

Please feel free to contact me with any more questions you may have. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Affiliate Links
From time to time I work with companies that I have used their products or services and they have made a positive impact on our family. I only promote products that I have used personally and stand behind. I have affiliate relationships with some of the companies and I promote them on the blog from time to time. These affiliate relationships I maintain offer a small commission when a sale is made through a link on my blog.

You can see the affiliates I work with on the sidebar of my blog page. Any blog posts that have affiliate links will be identified with a disclosure at the end of the blog post and also the words affiliate links in the title.

All opinions on this blog are purely mine. I will not promote items that I do not believe in or stand by. While I do try to share all things we find on the product, you should check with the company of the product and discuss questions with them.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss advertising or reviews, please feel free to contact me.