Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Finals: Heavy Heart

My heart is broken and hurting on this Friday. This is why. If you don't know this I am from Alabama. My parents and other extended family are still there. My parents own a home that was around Tuscaloosa. My mother and father both taught in the school district in Tuscaloosa last year. My mother's school, the classroom she taught in, is gone. The whole top floor is gone. It is so terrible. I watched live on Wednesday as that tornado touched down and mowed a path through this city. Then it moved on to the next town in Birmingham. Taking it's toll on life and property.

I just couldn't do anything yesterday but cry every time I looked at the pictures or footage of the path of destruction it laid. Watching the YouTube videos that show the massive tornado carving it's path. It is unbelievable. It looks like something out of a movie but folks, it is real. Very real.

I just can't believe places that we went are not there anymore. It is very hard to handle at times.I pray for the families that are in the recovery stages. For those families who are trying to piece together what is left of their lives after this devastation. Praise God for those who survived and God be with those families who lost their loved ones. The death toll is rising as they cleanup is on going. Please be in prayer for those in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. This storm was strong, massive and devastating. Thank you for stopping by and please remember to pray for these people as they are working hard.


  1. So sorry for everyone in that region. Here in Canada we are so lucky not to have such severe weather...I guess we take it for granted and forget other places. Add a Royal Wedding and suddenly we are a bit self absorbed. Will definitely keep this area in my prayers.

  2. It still breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it...praying

  3. Thanks for focusing on this. . .it's so hard to think about the destruction many are facing. Praying for everyone involved.


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