Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. When you think about what this day represents some might not think it is a "good" day. You have to remember that Good Friday was only the beginning. Not the end. If it had been then yes it would be a sad day. Whenever I think about what my Lord and Savior did for me on that cross that day I just can't seem to keep the tears inside. Thinking of the way he took each of those beatings, the mocking and the scorn from the people who he had walked with. He was not guilty yet they wanted him gone. Only crucifying Him did not keep Him down. He went and made a way so that we can all have everlasting life.

I want to share this with you. This is a webcast my church does and it is truly awesome. This helps to remind us that Good Friday was not the end but the beginning. Thank you Lord for sending Your Only Son. Thank you Jesus for suffering and dying so that I may have life everlasting. Happy Easter to you and your family. Remember why we celebrate this time. Not the chocolate bunny on Sunday morning {although those are fun :o)} Remember why we are celebrating and what we are celebrating. May Easter live in your hearts all year long! From our family to yours

Happy Easter!

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