Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

So sitting in Starbucks I am wondering what I am thinking about today. LOL I just wasn't inspired with any great bits of wisdom today so I thought I would just share a few Wahoos from this week. :)
Well I started following the Flylady this week. :) I am loving my shiny sink so far. It makes my whole kitchen feel much cleaner and gives me a whole new perspective on cleaning and keeping it that way. I always felt like I had to get it done all at once. Fifteen minutes was not going to cut it but I am learning different things now. I am learning 15 minutes is fine! Just 15 minutes! It didn't get into the state it is in overnight and it won't be overnight that it comes out of it. So I am focusing on learning these tips and patterns. Don't get me wrong, my house is not an episode of Hoarders {although sometimes I feel that way}. It is usually tidyish.. But I want it better. I don't want to make a mad dash of throwing stuff on my bed to hide when people decide to stop by. And another reason I am doing this...

That little guy right there. I want him to grow up and understand how to take care of the house and how to keep it clean and tidy any time. I want him to learn how to cook and have fun doing it. So that leads me to my thoughts today...
This week we also added a chore chart for him. I put four chores on his chart that he was responsible for every day. As he finishes them off he can mark them off the chart and each day he gets a sticker for completing all the tasks. His tasks are not too hard: make his bed, set the table and help clear the table, help daddy feed the dogs, and pick up his toys before bed each night. I told him I would help him until he was comfortable doing them on his own. Well he is a pro at setting the table already and feeding the pups. But this morning we had a WAHOOOO moment!! Daddy and I were in the office before getting him up working on a few things and I heard him open his door. But then I didn't see him and I asked him where he had gone to. He came out and said "Oh I was making up my bed Mommy! " WAHOO!!!! It is catching! :) LOL I was so proud of him this morning! He is such a smart little guy. He helped me make the salad and the crescent rolls for dinner last night as well. He is growing up so fast. I am trying to help him while he is willing and wants to learn how to cook. It actually makes me more inventive. ;o) I am having to figure things out for him to do. He pulled the lettuce apart for me so I could chop the tomatoes. :) Things like that make my heart soar. He is such a sweetie and I am so blessed to be able to call myself his Mother. :)


  1. I am so proud of you and my grandson! You are an awesome mom to Jackson. He is growing up way too fast, but he is so smart. I am so proud to be your mother and his Mimi. Keep up the great work, Jen and continue teaching him the right way. Love you!

  2. Good for him! Just last night my son (6) decided his bedroom floor was "just filthy mom" and wanted to mop it. So I let him...then he wanted a $1. LOL I wish I could get my kids to do've inspired me. I think it is time to get some chore charts going!


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