Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Why I want to Homeschool 2

Okay, as I sit and think on these things I am again shocked at another article I read online. The article discussed topics of an adult nature going on in a second grade classroom. SECOND GRADE!! I always worry about the children when I see these articles because there could be things going on at home as to the reason behind why they would know these things.

A child deserves to be protected and their innocence protected. That is a parents job. Take care of your child and let them be a child. The worries of the world should not be on their shoulders just yet. I had a fellow homeschooler tell me that some may try to tell me I can not protect him and that he needs this socialization. She also then told me not to listen to them. That socialization can still be done without dealing with the public school system.

He should not have to worry about things going on in the world or if that child that is always mean to him will be there at school today. He should not have to fret about things like getting picked on, a teacher not liking him for whatever reason or having teachers that have one foot in their retirement plan and the other on ice. {This comes from experience. My entire seventh grade science class was worksheets because our teacher was retiring that year and didn't want to teach}

I know those times will come when he has to deal with the bullies of the world and that time will come all too soon. We encounter them in other places ourselves. But while I still have a say, while I still can and I still have an influence I am going to do everything in my power to protect that innocent smile and mind filled with wonder at the world around him. I am going to feed his desire and hunger for knowledge while protecting him from things he doesn't have to know about or deal with right now. The world attacks way too soon and one day he will have to face those when they come. When they do decide to knock on his door, I will make sure he is prepared and ready to handle them the best way I know how. By relying on God and knowing that He is always with him. We can both do this...


  1. I totally agree with you on this subject. My oldest is given a hard time by some of the neighbor boys because he goes to school at home. It's tough on him sometimes. Sometimes I am at a loss on what to say. He always says to me why can't we all just get along and have fun. What does not Kill us makes us stronger.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I am a tutor, and you are making a wise decision to homeschool. Teachers are now the biggest influx into the homeschool venue because they don't like what has happened to the public schools. You will do just fine, because you care so shows

  3. Such a good decision. I really enjoyed reading this and am following.


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