Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesdays Tip: Relax {If you Can}

This is why I have been taking many deep breaths and trying to relax...

My son turns five on Thursday and this is what daddy picked out for him for his birthday. He is very safe in our fenced in yard but I know one day they will take these out of the yard. *Sigh*

Okay here is the back story... I am a very paranoid mother. I am cautious on everything and worry that he will get hurt. I know I know... I need to ...RELAX... a little. LOL I worry about things sometimes that I just don't know why I am worrying about them. I wonder sometimes if I am not crazy but I just want to keep him safe. I understand that there will be times that I can't do that and for those times I will pray, really hard. Because I have always been after him to be careful, chew your food good, watch what you are doing, pay attention he is cautious too. { yeah!!} So I don't think I will have to worry about him too much for right now. {I still do though}

My hubby has been like a little kid all over again. He was so excited when he got this for him and was getting it ready to give him. See he did this when he was a kid with his father and they had the absolute best times riding in the woods together. Now he is passing it on to his son. I am excited because they can do these things together and help build that relationship that is so important.

So for now I am trying to take deep breaths and enjoy watching my son have the time of his life. How do you relax yourself and take time outs when needed? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve? Share them with us!


  1. I totally understand. Being his grandmother doesn't make it any easier. Keep the prayers going up, because he will always need them.

  2. My son is 19 so I spoil other friends and family members children. It gives me a chance to play like your hubby. Your blog is refreshing and I am a new fan from Bloggy Moms.



  3. It's hard not to worry, but as long as you're watching your skin, just try to take a deep breath and let him enjoy himself. He looks cute riding!

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