Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Moments

I don't know why we have never done this before. I am not sure what my excuse for not letting him do this is. Whatever the reason, Friday was the first time my kiddo ever made mud pies. It was the first time he played out in the rain. He had a blast!! We had made plans to go to the park but due to the rain showers we had it was not going to happen. He wanted to go outside so I said why don't you play in the mud. He can't swim because his pool got cracked but we could play in mud. ;o) So.. He did...

First we started off making mud pies. Then it quickly escalated to running around the yard in the rain.... Then...
He was covered from head to toe. The side of our patio is a big pile of sand and muck when it rains. Our dogs like to dig a hole so they can lay in the cool dirt when it is 100 degrees. Because they do it is a big hole of mud when it rains. He was splashing in the puddles, getting stuck and losing his shoes. :o) I was cracking up watching him. He then became a knight and was rescuing me {I got to be the princess} by finding his sword and coming to save me. His "sword" was his big bubble stick he got for Easter. He has such a great imagination. How did you spend your weekend? Hope it was a blast!!

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  1. I know he had so much fun! He looked it anyway. LOL We love you all and hope you have a great week.


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