Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

121. Making Lists - Yes.. For some reason I love to make lists. I love to plan and schedule... :)

122. Coloring in a coloring book

123. Browsing through Michael's and finding all the neat stuff to do. I am not crafty enough to do it all the time but it is nice to look at.

124. I love it when the new season's items comes out in the store. Like when I visited Michael's this weekend... They had the items out for Halloween and it was so neat to start thinking about the fall and what great times it brings.

125. Fall.. I absolutely love from October to January 1st. The holidays, events and all the stuff that comes with the cooler weather. Maybe we can take a trip to the mountains so we can watch the leaves turn this year... Hmmm..

126. Taking last minute spur of the moment trips.

127. Butter beans and sausage cooked together. Thanks to my hubby this is one of my new favorite dishes and oh so easy to make.

128. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

129. Tomato Jack- this is a family recipe that has been passed down that is so wonderful in the summer time. Maybe I will share it with ya on a Thursday recipe day.

130. My recipe book my mom made me before I got married. I had just found out I was diabetic so she made a cookbook/notebook for me that to this day I use frequently. I have kept adding more and more to it. I may have to buy a bigger binder.

131. Watching a scary movie with my husband. He always makes me laugh so it isn't all that scary. LOL

132. Smelling my kiddos hair after his bath. He has green apple shampoo. ;o)

133. Discovering the Magic Tree House Book series with my kiddo. These are great books that I read to him and I love them as much as he does.

134. Talking with friends for hours... It is so nice to sit, talk with a friend and let my kiddo play with his friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed those days these past couple of years and am sad to see them go. I know they are not gone completely, they just have to adjust to our schedules.. :o)

135. Trying out a new restaraunt. We did this recently and it was a good result. We tried the new Chinese place that came into town and it wasn't bad at all. Boo bear actually has asked to go back.

136. Sitting by the water. Lake, ocean, pond doesn't matter. Just the relaxing peace that flows out of that water is incredible.

137. Seeing old friends.

138. Making new friends.

139. Weddings.

140. Cold sheets. :) Yes... I want my sheets nice and cool when I climb in. So much easier to fall asleep.

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  1. absolutely....cool sheets a must! especially if you have a nice warm hubby to snuggle your cold feet up to! LOL


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