Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

171. Four wheeling adventures with my family.

172. Learning something new

173. Butter Beans and sausage slow cooked all day. Yum!

174. Laughing with my family till I can't breathe

175. Visiting my family and getting a mini vacation

176. Celebrating birthdays

177. Teaching my son about the world around us

178. Hearing my son say we walk by faith and not by sight as he leaves his children's church bible class.

179. Talking with my little guy about what we both learned at church this week.

180.  Worship.. The kind that gets in your face

181. Sitting back and watching God show out

182. God showing out when I least expect it

183. Learning that GOD IS MY SOURCE not just saying the words.

184. Being reminded of the POWER of your words. You can speak Life or Death. Which are you speaking into your life and into your families lives?

185. When God shows me something in church I wasn't expecting.

186. Love how excited my son gets when it is Bible lesson time at school.

187. Sneaking in some alone time to get myself rejuvenated for the week.

188. My second cup of coffee in the early morning

189. Sipping coffee with family and friends

190. I love how God provides... Again.. I am learning that He is truly our source for everything we need...

Join me each week as I take my Journey to a 1000 Gifts. We are closing in on 200.. What are you grateful for this week?


  1. #189 - got a chance last week to have coffee with an old friend from my home-town. Best morning in a long time!

  2. I love love this book! I have to start my list- #184 awesome! love your list - inspired to start mine! I bought an extra 1000 Gifts to give away on my blog cause I just think everyone should read it! :)
    didn't make it to the science center in orlando yet- we love gwiz in sarasota and mosi in tampa- have you been to those?


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