Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Educating My Son: Looking Forward

We are nearing the end of our Kindergarten homeschool journey it has been a great adventure. I am now gearing up for the 1st grade year coming up very soon and it is both exciting and a little bit scary. I am now going to have a 1st grader... Before I know it he'll be in physics and chemistry and trigonometry, oh my!!

No I haven't lost my mind... yet. I am looking to the future education as much as I am his education right now. I want better for my son than I had. I had good grades but I can't remember what I did except memorizing something for a test, long enough to pass the test, and it quickly faded away. I don't want that for him. I want him to learn more and be involved more and be hands on as much as he possibly can. That's why I homeschool. I want to give him chances, experiences and knowledge I didn't have.

While things are fairly easy right now there will come a time I know that it won't be as easy. The middle school and high school years will be here far before I know it and I want to offer him the best.

So here's what I have been doing. I have been looking at math and science programs that we could use from now on through high school. Granted, some times it may not work but we are going to try it. For our curriculum for next year we are working with curriculum's that could carry him through high school, if they work for us. To me that is important because he is building his way of learning now and to change it mid way could be very difficult for all of us.

Before we know it he will be studying for ACT's or SAT's and trying to get into college. Thankfully there are great programs out there to help him get ready for these different adventures. Options like StudyPoint, tutors at home, online classes and other resources will help prepare him in ways I might not have considered. (Also according to Boo Bear, Papa knows everything and I should just call him ;))

So yes. I am a planner. Always have been. Always will be. Hopefully putting that into play with my son's homeschool will help us to reach each and every goal we set before us and help him to succeed in his future education endeavors. I know it seems far off but as I think of how far he has come just in the past year... I'm amazed and in awe of how his little mind works and grows everyday. So while it may seem like it's far off I look back and realize I just blinked and almost 6 years have passed since this beautiful bundle came into our lives. :-)

So what are you doing to plan for your education next year? Have you started planning curriculum's and do you try to use ones that go through high school years? What tips do you have to share with homeschool families who are just starting out or are teaching high schooler's this year?

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