Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Counting your blessings is important! I love thinking on these things and looking at how awesome our God is. :)

So for this week I am thankful for:

- My blog. I am thankful for the opportunities it opens up for me. Reviewing products, providing for family some and great friends. I never dreamed that when I started this it would turn into what it has. This has truly been a blessing for me.

- New friends and old friends. We played at McDonald's playplace for five hours yesterday. Five hours of glorious mommy chat time and wonderful kiddo play time. Everyone had a great time, played well together and mommy's got some relaxing time. :)

- A good cup of coffee. I know... it might be sad... but last night I was excited to get up and have my coffee this morning. I love flavored creamers and I had a new one. This one slightly reminds me of the Starbucks coconut mocha frap they had/have. Not quite there but the hint of coconut is what drives it ;)

- Great school days. Yesterday was a wonderfully productive day for me. I love those days that remind you of why you homeschool ;) That was one of those many days.

- This beautiful weather. We have been having some awesome weather here in the Sunshine State the past few days. Not too hot, beautiful sunshine and a breeze. Love it. Wish that was what we had all year long but alas... .Summer is upon us and it will be sweltering before we know it. Better enjoy it while it's here!!!

What are you thankful for this week? Stop by and link up with the others and share your blessings!!


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