Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Moments

Happy Monday to you! How are you this fine Monday morning? I am so ready for cool weather but alas... I don't know where it is. sigh.. ;) hopefully soon.
We had a pretty eventful weekend. Here's where we spent Saturday ....

We had a family reunion at the beach and spent a beautiful Saturday there. It was a nice day. Sunday we took Boo Bear to the movies and had a blast. I love the areas around us. We are surrounded by retirement neighborhoods but these aren't your typical retirements :) They like to dance and sing a lot. So after dinner we got to hear them singing and having a good time.

This week looks to be full of stuff. We have cub scouts, martial arts, homeschool, mom's night out and a fall festival. Tis the season! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and a blessed day. We are working on some surprise Christmas projects here so I'll let you know about those later on! Have you started shopping or planning for Christmas yet?

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