Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Moments

As I sit and write today my heart is broken. My tears are flowing. My heart is heavy and my thoughts are in a place of the country I have never visited. I have never been to Connecticut. I honestly never knew of Newtown until Friday. Now it's all I can think of.

This weekend I have cried, laughed, prayed and appreciated every little thing my 6 year old has done. My son is a first grader. He is wild, crazy and loud. He's all boy. I have squeezed that child so many times this weekend he probably thinks I am nuts. He also does not know what happened Friday. He does know something bad happened but I did not tell him the whole story. I feel right now I can protect him from that evil in the world and I will. As long as possible. We will pray for the families and we will talk about it one day just not today.

So for today I we will play games. We will watch movies and work together on projects. We will take time to slow down and relish in every moment. Even when he wakes us up at 4:52 a.m. for no apparent reason and is ready to go ;) We will go. I can't help but think of those Mothers and Fathers who long to hug their child or tuck them into bed. Those who will never get to hear their little giggles or loud boy noises ever again. Those whose arms will be empty and whose hearts are aching. Those whose lives are forever changed. Those who thought Friday was a day like any other day. Those with Christmas presents under their tree that will not be opened by bright shining smiling faces. My prayers are with you. My heart is with you. My God is with you. Please take a moment and pray for those families. For those who are in Newtown Connecticut. For those firemen and police officers who are dealing with a horrendous tragedy. Those Grandparents who lost their little grandchildren. Hold your babies tight everyday and never forget to make each moment count. God bless you today!

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