Monday, February 25, 2013

Saving Money on Shopping... How Do You Do It?

So this Monday's post is a little different. I am honestly trying to figure out a good post schedule for Monday's. Sharing our weekends can be fun but let's face it... Sometimes the weekends are meek, mild, laid back and... boring. :) LOL This weekend wasn't but I wanted to ask about something...

We used to shop at Sam's a couple of years ago. I honestly feel it's a good deal. Yes you have to pay to shop there BUT you get some great deals. You can also stock up on items like paper towels and toilet paper for much cheaper than buying it at the grocery store. I would love to live in one of those areas where coupons were doubled and I could get my paper products for free but alas... we do not. :( This makes me sad... sigh...

My husband is under the influence that 1) he doesn't want to pay to shop somewhere and 2) we don't really save that much. He does not do much of the grocery shopping. That is me. So we haven't really decided whether to renew our membership or not. I want to. He doesn't really. So... here's the question of the day... Do you shop at Sam's or any other membership warehouse? Why or why not?

I posed this question on my personal Facebook page this week and got some great responses. Overall the response was they loved it and saved there. Besides the buying in bulk, the gas is cheaper too.

So what do you do? Do you strictly stick to coupons and grocery sales or do you try to buy from the warehouse stores? What do you find saves you the most money?

On the weekend note? My kiddo had his pinewood derby race this weekend. He didn't make it all the way down the track but he did get voted 1st place best in show in the whole derby! He was so proud and mommy and daddy were proud of him too!


  1. I am not a Sam's member. We are about 40 minutes away from the nearest Sam's Club. My mom is a member and I find a few items are cheaper such as honey, yeast,plastic wrap, trash bags, and shredded cheese. I go with her every couple of months or so. My problem with a membership is that you have to really plan for the bulk purchases and sometimes I get more than I need because it is a "good deal". Sometimes I am tempted to buy extra stuff that is not on my list at Sam's. I do much better shopping grocery store sales, Amazon (just got an amazing toilet paper deal)and Aldi. I have read some cost analysis that say you do not really save that much overall at Sam's but I guess that it depends on how much you shop there and what you buy. I know that electronic purchases and furniture can be a great deal there if you are in the market for those items. It might be worth a membership if you know you are going to have to buy those items. I have to vote with your hubby.

    1. :) I find I get more than I need sometimes too. I don't want it to go to waste so that's a problem I'm working on myself. Thanks for your input and for stopping by!

  2. I have a Sam's card and shop there weekly. I definitely save money. Not only on paper products like you mentioned, but also on some produce and meat. I have found much of their produce and meat is of a higher quality then discount grocery stores. But I save the most on milk followed by orange juice and eggs. Milk is over $1.50 a gallon cheaper at Sam's than anywhere else and at 3 or 4 gallons a week it adds up quickly. Baking supplies like flour, bread flour, baking powder, etc are cheaper for me at Sam's. I do not have a deep freezer to be able to stock up on "good sales" at the stores. I also live in an area where the grocery stores essentially don't double coupons (only double up to 40 cents and only one coupon of each brand) and the sales rarely match coupons. My membership is close to expiring and money is extremely tight, but I am trying to come up with enough to renew it. Sam's Club has prices on line for many of their items, maybe you could use a recent receipt and compare cost per ounce or package between Sam's and other stores.

    1. I agree Martha. The eggs and milk are definitely a plus for me too. I also love their meat and produce. It always seems fresher to me too :) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get to renew!!


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