Friday, February 15, 2013

Wrapping Up An Easy Week

In our life this week... Lots of cleaning up, working and prepping for next week. My parents are coming into town tomorrow to help us out when Boo Bear has surgery Monday. So we are getting ready for that. We had a few trips out to the grocery store and a trip to the park :) Other than that it's been lots of watching movies, playing games, hanging out and creating a candle lit dinner ;).

In our homeschool this week... We have had a lot of stuff going on since this has been a slow and easy going week. We did work on some of our math, reading and some writing. I guess those are the basics anyway ;) We did start playing around with our new math curriculum we have for a review coming up. So that will be extra fun when things get back to normal :)

Place's we're going and people we're seeing... We haven't done a lot other than trips to the store and to our pirate class. We had our last pirate class and hope he is doing well enough next Thursday to do the next round of theater classes he wants. We also had Cub Scouts. Oh and we also had dinner out on Tuesday night so we could avoid the Valentine's Day rush :) LOL

I'm cooking... For Valentines Day I made stir fry veggies, sweet n sour chicken and fried rice. IT was super yummy and I was super pleased! :) It was my first time really stir frying veggies and it turned out well enough I will try again :)

My favorite thing this week... Getting my house back in order after last weekend's update and move around. :) It was nice to be able to get the boxes out and things put back in place.

I'm thankful for... My kiddo getting better nights sleep. Course I'm not real sure what next week will hold but I do know who holds next week :)  I am thankful for some great friends and family and new bloggy friends I have made in the past months :)

I'm praying for... My nerves, my son's surgeon and surgery, my families safe travels, friends who are sick and some other unspoken things on my heart.

A photo of the week... Here's my candle lit dinner with my two special Valentines ;)


  1. Oh. Surgery? All the best this coming week! (I think I would be a tad bit anxious too.) But having family around will be a huge help!

    1. Thanks Jessie ;) We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers coming our way :)

  2. I LOVE how you said you are not sure what next week holds but you know who hold next week! VERY well put!

  3. I agree with Shelly beautifully put! We don't know what's coming but he does! Love your special valentine dinner!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! Hope you have a great week ahead!

  4. I will be thinking of you all next week, and looking for the update! My eldest son had major surgery when he turned 10, and we had to drive to Seattle Children's Hospital from Montana, because the MedFlight was cancelled due to a blizzard.
    I remember how worried and nervous I was, too. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. :-(
    On a plus note, your valentine's dinner looked lovely.


    Amy J

  5. Praying for your son's surgery next week. What a blessing to have your parents to be able to come and help out. Your valentine dinner sounds yummy. Blessings!


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