Monday, March 11, 2013

Tips For Us OCD Mommies In Delight Led Learning


A type of homeschooling that has become very popular lately is that of the delight directed path.This simply means following the leads of your child and what they are interested in at the time. Take a subject your child might be excited about, like cars, planes, bugs, and go with that topic. Make that what you learn about for a while in school. This can open doors for lots of different lessons and learning opportunities.

What about us Mommies that have to get out of the traditional, do your schoolwork in a desk, at a desk, write an essay at 7 years old mind frame? ;) ( maybe not an essay but....) I for one love to take this route with Boo Bear because I see the wheels turning but I honestly have a hard time letting go. I feel like we should do A, B, C and be done sometimes. Sometimes A lot of times that plan does not work as I wanted it to. ;) That's OK!!!!

I'm going to give you some tips, ( and myself) for those planning, slightly OCD, Mama's out there that want to do more delight led learning.

1. Take a deep breath. Count to 10 and realize these young years are going by super fast. You can take time to stop and talk about the slow moving caterpillar and the world will not come to an end.

2. Relax. Throw those plans to the side for a minute and let your science experiment you are working on go longer than planned. Encourage them to ask questions, change the variables to find out what would happen if...

3 Be flexible. I am working on this one myself. I am a planner, freaker outer, when it comes to deadlines and having every detail planned exactly out. That's a downfall for me at times when it comes to homeschool. I might not go off into the never never land he does sometimes because I'm worried we have to do X,Y,Z before this date. I'm learning that things don't always go as you planned them and that's ok. It's a hard lesson for me but I'm learning it slowly.

4. Take a day trip. Nature and the world around us are full of learning opportunities. Learning does not happen only in a classroom full of colorful posters and crayons. It does happen there but this world is full of wonder and delight even in your own backyard. Spend time at your favorite aquarium, museum or park.

5. Listen to your child. You know what I've learned over the past two years of homeschooling? When they are learning about something they are interested in, they will learn a lot more than if I choose the topic ;) . If dinosaurs are the interest of the week.. go with it! It may only last a day or two but you can learn a lot when you are excited about what you are learning!

Don't be afraid you won't finish your programs. They will still be there when you and your child are ready. Relax and enjoy the adventures that await you when you are delight led. You never know where your child's imagination, and yours, can take you!!!

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