Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up : Going Primal!

In our life this week... Mommy went Primal! :) LOL I have some health issues that I have struggled with for the past ten years. I have wanted to take steps to get rid of them or reduce medications I am on but I never truly have succeeded. I think that's because I never truly had the determination and motivation to do it. I was looking at several sites, blogs and even a movie this past weekend and decided to make the change. This is not only for myself but for my family. Most of my issues are hereditary and I do not want to pass them on to my son. I want to give him a great start. I have made it five days eating this way. I have seen my sugars drop to normal ranges and have reduced my insulin some. I'm on the right path! This is what lunch looks like here!

In our homeschool this week... honestly not much sit down work has taken place at all... Monday I had a killer headache and Tuesday we had a homeschool play date. The rest of the week has been spent going to farmers markets, learning outside and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having. Yesterday we talked about earning and saving money instead of spending every dollar he gets as soon as he gets it. Yes. Mommy is a spender and she is taking this challenge with him ;) .

Places we're going and people we're seeing...I'm headed to a women's refresh retreat at my church tonight. It's a much needed retreat and it's about nutrition! Go figure. The week I turn primal they are having a women's conference about that ;). God's timing is awesome right?!

I'm cooking... Pretty much the same ole' same ole' with some tweaks for me. :) For example, we had spaghetti this week and instead of noodles I had spaghetti squash. :) I'm going to try my hand out at Kale Chips this weekend too!

A photo of the week...We had a nice time this week and here's a shot of this beautiful weather....

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  1. Nice. PRIMAL huh? Good for you.
    Hope you enjoyed the retreat and I hope you make better kale chips than I do. I used a recipe from GP's book. My family tried to be gracious, but they were awful. ha

    God is good. His timing is indeed perfect.

    1. I'm hoping they turn out well too Emily. LOL I've never tried them and kind of scared too :) We shall see!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I need to do this too. I need to have lunches like that. It's hard to decide to eat well even when health is involved. Yes, God's timing is always perfect.

    1. Yes it is Desiree. Eating well is tough sometimes but I have found the more I eat that way the easier it is to refuse those other things. ;) I don't want to feel sick so I don't want to eat it.. if that makes sense. thanks for stopping by!

  3. Except for the tomatoes, your lunch looks yummy! I hear you though! I need to focus more on fresh, simple eating. Go for you for taking that big step to a healthier lifestyle! And how awesome about the retreat and it's focus!

  4. How awesome! I really hope your eating lifestyle helps. It's hard living with health issues. I hope you had an enjoyable time at the conference. Hope you have a great week.

    Suburban Farm Girl

  5. I hope the retreat refueled you. Thanks for sharing at HammockTracks and I hope you'll return this week.


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