Friday, March 22, 2013

Wrapping Up A Busy Week

In our life this week...  Whoa!!! This has been a wild week!! Whew! Okay, now that I have my breath and can catch up ;). We had two museum trips, a surgeon follow up, school stuff, park day, and we have friends coming over tomorrow for an Easter party.I think that's it. We really have had a great week. Oh and Boo Bear was released this week! He can now do anything he wants. NO more restrictions from surgery!!!

In our homeschool... We got several things completed this week and I was glad. We learned a lot about hands on stuff this week. One of the museums we went to was like a giant hands-on playground. My kiddo really enjoyed that one. The other museum we went was a natural museum of history. We had a great time enjoying the day! We completed a lot of lessons in the doctors office this week plus the museums. PS around here is on spring break next week so we will have some play dates with friends but we will keep on keeping on. One of the museums we attended an extra special exhibit that I will be writing about next week. Keep an eye out. It was "titan" sized!!

I'm cooking... Cauli-rice for the first time. That was really yummy! Also I made pancakes out of green bananas  That was an interesting one too.

My favorite thing this week... I really enjoyed the park day we had yesterday. The weather was absolutely beautiful and amazing. Wish it could stay that way all the time...

I'm grateful for... Lots of work this week. While we were busy and running I was still getting  a lot of writing work and that's always appreciated!

A photo of the week... This was the climbing tower at one of the museums we went to. Boo Bear was learning the path of a rain drop. He's awfully brave because you wouldn't catch me that high ;)


  1. Sounds like a fun week, full of many blessings.

    1. yes it was Emily! Thanks for stopping by ;)

  2. Awesome! Hope you got to catch your breathe a little more over the weekend!

    1. A little Dawn. ;) We still had our Easter party with friends on Saturday.. whew! Maybe this week will slow a little ;0)


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