Monday, April 15, 2013

E is for "Easing On Through"

Ever have those days that things just... go .. in slow... motion.. yeah . That's me today. I have a list a mile long of things to do, need to do, want to do etc. They are thankfully being marked off but it seems to have taken a while :). Sigh... Oh well.

My E this week is for easing through. There are days that things will fall into line, the stars will aline and all the world is perfect. Things are accomplished. School is done with no fussing. The house is clean.

Annnddd then there are days like today. I have done laundry, some work, we squeezed in our first day back to school and I feel like I am dragging. Those days you just have to ease through and realize they don't last forever.

I know why today is that way. We had a really great but long weekend. We had a family reunion this week and it was a wonderful day at the beach.
This was my favorite part:

Relaxing while my kiddo played in the water.. Ahh..

We also ended up at Ikea that day too so I was super excited to come home with this!

Now my little workplace is pretty much set up and ready to go. I have needed a new desk for awhile :) thank you honey!!

Easing through is okay some days. You need that rest, relaxation and just a recoup day. Tomorrow is a new day and it's alright if this one goes a little slower than you had planned. :)

What do you do on those days you just can't seem to get going or need to go easy instead of full force?

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  1. We have GOT to meet up! for sure - I'm sorry I haven't planned this better - I really want to ;)

    1. Yes we do Kelli! That would be wonderful ;)

  2. Great post. We all have days like this!

    1. Thanks ;) Yes we do LOL. Thankful they are spread out a little so we can get a few things done ;)


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