Monday, May 6, 2013

"H" Is For Homeschooling

Blogging Through the Alphabet   This week's post was one I wasn't sure on. For me "H" could be for many things. Hope. Hugs. Happy. Healthy. Lots of fun "h" words. But this week "homeschool" stuck out to me. I know most of you know we homeschool and know we enjoy it. (most days ;))

I just wanted to share why we love homeschooling. The reasons why we homeschool and how you can do it too if you are led that way.

First I love the way we have freedom to learn at his pace.
 Book learning at his own level. His pace. Fast or slow. Wherever it may go...

We can homeschool and learn about things outside of the classroom without worrying if it is on the "lesson" for today.

We can take time on one particular subject if he wants because he enjoys it. We can incorporate all subjects into one topic that he really likes to help him understand.

We can get into the museums when it isn't as busy. We don't have to wait until the weekend if we want to take a trip. We can go right now and make it a fun learning experience.

Did I intend to homeschool from the beginning? Absolutely not. I always thought he would go into school, I would be following around and a classroom mom... I never even thought it possible to homeschool my son but now that we are it is the only way that seems right to me. Does it get hard? Absolutely. There are days that I just want to pull out my hair. Do we have rough patches? Sure! That's part of the learning journey. Do we celebrate when the light bulb goes off on a subject that has been a struggle? You Bet!!!! That's all part of this wonderful homeschooling adventure we are on. Sometimes I wonder but I see God opening doors all along the way for us to continue on this journey. I feel that this is where He has us right now. I know God changes seasons and we may one day attend school but for now... I am so thankful He has called and equipped us to do this as we are.

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  1. I know what you mean about field trips. We love being able to go on vacations right after school starts back up when there are no crowds! :)


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