Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trial And Error - Living With Diabetes...

It really gets frustrating at times... Dealing with a health condition like Diabetes. It is just for the birds some days. Then some days it's okay. That's the ups and downs I guess. Right now I am basically beginning all over again. I have lived with this disease for 10 years this year and have tried numerous different things to help me get better. Lost weight, gained weight, on the pump, off the pump, on shots. Had a baby. Thankfully things are okay but it does get very frustrating with the fluctuations. It really is trial and error here.

Right now I am trying a new supplement and my new way of eating. My grandmother in law had great results with this supplement and has come off her diabetic medications. I am giving it a try. I want to reduce/come off of as much as possible. We shall see right? :)

I just wanted to take some time and encourage those who are dealing with this or any other life changing disease. I know the frustration that comes from eating one thing one time and not having a negative effect and the next time it sky rockets. I understand the down times where you just want to give up. I understand those times that you just want to throw in the towel, eat what you want and care less. Life would be easier right? BUT God never said it would be easy. He just said we wouldn't go it alone right? Right!

When I find myself in the dumps about this disease and trying to do the "right" thing, I have to turn to my God. I rely on Him for getting me through. Otherwise I would be eating and not caring. I have a child I want to see grow up, raise a family and be here to take care of my grandkids. :) (if the Lord tarries). I do not want this disease to run my life. I want to run it. Believe me when I say that I understand what it's like.

I am so thankful that I have found out that wheat and I do not get along. That means I know to stay away from it and help myself heal. It means I know what causes my body to react the way it does at times and I can avoid those reactions. Is it easy? Not really. Is it doable? Absolutely! My next hope is to do the sugar detox or some version there of. I know I can, I just have to. I don't eat a lot of sugar because let's face it, sugar doesn't like diabetes ;-). BUT I do have my coffee with cream every morning. I do have little things along the way that have sugar, whether intentional or not. So detoxing myself is a good idea ;).

I'm not real sure where this post came from or why I'm writing on it. I don't usually share a lot about my health but maybe someone out there needed to hear this today. Trial and error are part of life and part of living with this. Keep your head up and be encouraged. You can do this!! (I think I'm writing to myself )

Thanks for coming by. Do you have a condition you live with daily? How do you keep yourself from getting down in the dumps? Share your tips with us!!!


  1. Tonight I needed to hear another person agree with my grumpy feelings about my diabetes. It's such a struggle to balance not-too-high with not-too-low. I also have to manage a diet without milk (triggers migraines) and wheat (makes my blood sugars more unstable). Each day is a challenge, but hopefully a challenge in that I can do a little better today than the day before.

    1. So true Cristi!!! I hear ya. It is a constant struggle but like you said, today is better than yesterday. I'm so glad someone out there feels me. :) LOL Thanks for stopping by!!!


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