Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

In our life this week....  We had a pretty good week. Things are returning to normal with the exception of Daddy having meetings this week. We finished up our Super Hero class this week and also got word that Boo Bear will be in the children' theater production of Pinnocchio this summer ;) He's super excited! It's his first real play. It should be a fun adventure.

In our homeschool this week... We worked steadily on our math and Science. We started a new review this week and it is already a fun and exciting program. We also met up with our homeschool group so we could plan our adventures. We have a lot planned between now and December so it' exciting. We are trying to finish up 1st grade so we can take a break and move on. Hopefully we will finish by the end of June. At least that's the goal ;)

Places we're going and people we're seeing.... We had a trip to the library, the theater class and we met some friends to play.

Things I'm working on... I am already trying to get the homeschool room cleaned up and out for setting up for the next year. I am trying to get things changed up. We have a school desk that he has been using this year but I want to get a table for us to both sit at together. Something a little more comfortable for us both.

I'm We are reading... The 39 Clues series. We are on book seven. We are loving this series! This one is a great one and I'm glad we found it. Boo Bear is loving it!

I'm cooking... We have recently gone to two different restaurants that serve an appetizer that is amazing. When you first read it you might think what is so great about chips. But really... This is amazing. They are similar to kettle chips and they are warmed in the oven then topped with Blue cheese crumbles. One of the places had a cheese sauce over top that was great. the other one had a balsamic vinegar reduction sauce which was out of this world! So I tried to recreate that one and the balsamic reduction didn't get thick like it was supposed to but they were still wonderful! I will keep working on it as this is the first time I have tried a reduction.

A photo (or two) of our week...
First off the pup has built in blinders. ;) He was snoozing away one night and I caught him like this...

Here's my super hero! Criminals watch out! You don't stand a chance!!

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  1. I bet you will enjoy the table that both of you can work side-by-side much better than the desk. Thanks for linking to the Homeschool Review and congrats to your son for making it into Pinocchio.


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