Monday, June 3, 2013

"L" is for Love

Blogging Through the Alphabet

This week's post is "L". I immediately thought of love. I know.. maybe it's mushy but... It is what stuck out to me. Recently our church has been doing a series on forging strong families. Yesterday's message was about Growing A Healthy Family. It focused on our children. The pastors had a great message as they went through the service yesterday. Our church has some tag team preaching and it is awesome to me. Anyway on to the lesson yesterday...

The preachers were talking about our children. We should prepare our kids for life. From our families children learn how to handle relationships, character traits and values. They also discussed the storms our children face. That we can protect our kids DURING the storms but we can not protect our children FROM the storms. The biggest thing that stuck out to me yesterday was the verse Psalm 127:3. Children are a gift from God. We need to be there for those gifts. To celebrate those gifts. To care for these gifts we have so graciously been given. We need to be there to teach them what love is and that love endures. It doesn't give up at the first sign of trouble or struggles. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love endures.

I love this special gift that God has so richly blessed my hubby and I with. I am so very thankful that I get to be his mama everyday. I pray and hope that I can be an example of love, patience, kindness and gentleness. Lord help me to direct him to you everyday as the ultimate gift of Love .

What are some ways you show your love to your kids? How have you helped your kids get through the storms of life that do come?

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  1. I don't think it's mushy one bit. After all, "the greatest of all is love."

    Stopping by from Blogging through the Alphabet.


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