Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Bucket List Check In

So it's time to see what we have accomplished on our bucket list....

Sneak off to eat breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. ( this one is done !! ) Wahoo! We celebrated National Donut Day by me surprising Boo Bear for breakfast there.

- Hit the beach

- Swimming at Nana's house

- Library reading program

- Make Smores.

- Cookout with friends.

- Earn a free book with Barnes and Noble summer reading program.

- Have a pajama run.

- Shoot fireworks

Church summer camp   we are doing this one each weekend. They have a fun camp each Sunday ;)

- Explore a new place

Bubble Paint

Volcanoes on a tray

Make rock candy

-  Shaving Cream Painting

- Visit the aquatic center

Ice cube painting 

- Bowling

- Swimming with friends

Here's a shot of our volcano tray...

These were really cool and lots of fun! 

Have you marked anything off your summer bucket list? 

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