Monday, July 15, 2013

Big Changes Coming Our Way....

I have kind of been putting this post off for awhile. I just wasn't sure how to say it or how to go about discussing it with you. One thing I do know is that God is always in control and sometimes I have to let go of the reigns and give them back to Him. ;-) . Anyone else ever feel that way? You gotta just stop trying to take things over yourself and let Him have control back. Well... here goes...

This year we will not be homeschooling as we have in the past few years. My plan was to keep on keeping on but something have changed and new doors have opened for our family. My son will now be attending a private school this year. While I'm excited for him, I'm also dealing with the fact that I don't like not being in control. I'm being open and honest here. I'll tell ya how it started...

I had prayed about putting him in the school and talked with God about what to do. He knew what we needed to be able to put him in this school if that was God's plan for us. I have so loved homeschooling and wasn't sure I wanted to loosen up my grip on my kiddo. BUT, God's plans are not always our plans for the road ahead. We have a choice to choose if we go God's way or our own. I can tell you from personal experience it is not great to go your way if that's not the way God wants you to go. He will get you back on His way. Sometimes it's a gentle prod in the right direction, other's... not so gentle ;-).

So a few weekends ago our Pastor was preaching on giving control to God. That He has the reigns and He is the one with the perfect plan for our lives. I knew he was talking to me because I am that detail oriented, have to have it all in place, don't mess with my plan kind of gal.

Needless to say, the same week was the week we got the call that DS could go to the school for a great price. Enter my panic mode...

I have prayed and talked with the teacher. I am excited because DS is excited and my DH is as well. This is a HUGE change for us. I have to learn to let someone else teach and instruct my child. To loosen my grip on him and let him have experiences outside of here. I have also taken a part time job outside of home that I have not done in over 5 years. So LOTS of things are changing for us. The blog will still be here because this is my outlet. I have gained so many friends over the past few years.

Please pray for us as this huge change takes place in all our lives. It will be a big adjustment to all of us. My blog will be going in possibly new directions and I am excited to see where it is headed. Thank you for your support and I appreciate your prayers in advance!!!


  1. WOW! That is a big change. Praying for your family as you go a new direction.

  2. Congrats on all of your new adventures for all of you Jen! We have a new one as well...

  3. Definitely know how you feel. All last year, I planned on putting Jeremiah in private school and just focusing on the older boys. Things didn't work out financially so I kept him at home. Got a scholarship that would pay for all of his tuition this year, was excited and then God clearly told me to keep homeschooling. So I am for this season anyway. Thinking I will probably have to go back to work before Jeremiah graduates (BIG age difference between him and the older boys). Now I've just been praying that if continuing hsing is God's will, that he will give my passion for it back. Where is he going to go to school?? (you can DM)

    1. Thanks Adena! I'll send you DM ;) I know how you feel too :) LOL This is a tough decision!!

  4. Jenni,
    Good luck on your families next journey. Praying all goes well for y'all.
    God does lead us where he wants us to go. I hope your son enjoys his new school.
    The good thing is if he don't you can always go back to homeschooling.
    God bless +

    1. Thank you! That's what I told him :) He's so excited and I said if it doesn't work out we always can come back to homeschooling. Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement!


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