Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day ... Done.. :) We Made It!

Well yesterday was Boo Bear's first day at the school. First day that we were not together schooling and that Mommy had a ton of running around to do. :) For him, he was all excited until we pulled into car line. Then the nerves started showing up. He held it together and didn't cry although he looked as if he truly wanted to. He was so adorable and ready to start the day but nervous at the same time.

Mommy on the other hand was not ready for her emotions after dropping him off. I was all excited and upbeat for him and as soon as I left him I started boohooing! I really honestly was not expecting that. I have had little moments over the summer that I cried or got emotional but yesterday I wasn't expecting it. LOL I am so excited for him and we had nothing but great reports from him yesterday. He had a blast and I think he is going to love it. I just have to get mommy in order now ;)

Thanks for your continued prayers throughout this year. Lots of things are changing here in our home and it's an exciting new adventure!


  1. Papa and Mimi are so happy he had a great first day! I hate we missed wishing him well this morning. Slept the best in a while. LOL You will get it together. Hang in there. Hugs!!!

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