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Homeschool Buyers Co-op: Homeschool Planet Review

I have a confession to make. I am a planner. I mean really. I plan to the very last detail. For my son's 1st birthday? I knew theme, park etc 5 months beforehand. It really causes me distress when I can't plan things out. I have learned along the way that it's okay to let it slide some but boy was I super excited to get this latest review!!!
Homeschool Planet Review
Recently I got the chance to check out the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op planner called Homeschool Planet. I've honestly tried several ways of planning lessons and keeping up with our daily work. I've tried paper planners, ones you print out online, planners I tried to create in Excel and honestly, I hadn't found the one I wanted... Till now.
What is Homeschool Buyers Co-op? I'm glad you asked! This is an online co-op where you can find all sorts of useful information, curriculum and programs at great discounts. Since you are getting a co-op price, you get great rates wherever you are! This sight offers a variety of things that I have personally used before including the printable homeschool ID's, free homeschool resources, and I've learned about programs I never heard of before. 
What we received - We received a full year to the Homeschool Planet's online planner subscription. This online planner allows you to do everything all in one place. You can create shopping lists and send them to your spouse, see an inspirational verse each morning, mark your assignments done, create different calendars and so much more!! 

Homeschool Planet Review
How I used this - Okay, so I'm highly impressed. Here's how I put this online homeschool planner to work for me. I started off by making everyone a sign in so they could mark off their own lists and see other's calendars. I also had my husband confirm his cell phone number through the program so I can send him grocery lists text. ( That's so awesome!!)
Once I had us all in there, I started planning. One problem I've had in the past is this simple fact... Life Happens. And when it does, it can mess up all kinds of things. Usually in my past planners I'd have to mark off the days, erase/rewrite plans or just have to write up the whole plan all over again. With this program, that is a thing of the past! 
I input all of Boo Bear's assignments from now until the end of the year. I added his subjects and putting in the assignments was a snap!
Homeschool Planet Review
Once I had that set up we started working with it. I can input assignments for Boo Bear, appointments for myself, my work schedule, due dates etc all on one calendar. I can choose to see everyone's items at once or choose to see just one person's set schedule. 
You can also see the calendar by choosing the specific day, see the whole week or the entire month at a glance. I typically keep mine on the week view so I can easily see what's coming up for the week assignments or check them off. 
You can choose to sign in each day and to mark off assignments or you can do it the next day. When you sign in and there are assignments to check off, you'll get a page that looks similar to this:
Homeschool Planet Review
You have the option to mark the assignment complete, do nothing, ask you next time or my favorite options!!! Carry it forward and shift your whole schedule!!! 
Can I get a round of excited applause? How many of us have had to redo plans because of an unexpected field trip, friends coming over, days we are sick etc? This amazing planner makes it so easy to shift your entire schedule with just the click of a button. I have had to do this several times during the review. 

I can't tell you how much that has already come into use here. Now you can choose to either carry the assignment forward and leave all your other assignments alone, or shift the entire schedule forward. I have had to do this several times during the review. Recently Boo Bear has had a major allergy attack (at least I'm hoping it's allergies). I have had to push some assignments forward that we weren't able to do. With this planner that is such a blessing and I'm thankful for this feature. 

What I thought... In case you can't tell I'm in love with this planner! It's an amazing blessing and is very affordable to add to your homeschool arsenal. I have to say the customer service behind Homeschool Planet is amazing to work with as well. They were quick to answer any questions I had and helped fix an uh-oh on my part. 
I have only just begun to scratch the surface of what this amazing tool can do for your homeschool and for life in general. You can keep things neat and in one place. No more different planners for different aspects of your life. You can easily plan everything for all members of your family in one convenient place. 
I highly recommend you check this planner out before you buy a new one for this school year. You won't regret it! I promise. I used to be a pencil and paper planner gal but this one has made quite an impression on me. 

Don't just take my word for it! Check out how the other Crew families used it by clicking the banner below. You can also check out the social sites for Homeschool Buyers Co-Op and Homeschool Planet at:
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Homeschool Planet Review

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