Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maestro Classics: The Nutcracker

Maestro Classics Review
 I love this time of year. Fall brings all sorts of carnivals, events, Thanksgiving and then my favorite. Christmas! One of my favorite parts of Christmas has always been the Nutcracker. Now I get to share that with my son in a way he too has fallen in love with it. Recently we received the amazing Maestro Classics physical CD , The Nutcracker with a study guide included in the CD itself. This was a hit from the time it arrived in our home. 
Maestro Classics...
This amazing company combines beautiful music and stories together to bring the orchestra to your children. Each disc features the London Philharmonic Orchestra with their conductor, Stephen Simon. They have a range of stories and music combined together and the are a great addition to your homeschool curriculum for music appreciation, literature, and just plan enjoyable listening. The company has won many awards for their creations and you're sure to love any of the discs you choose to start with. 
The Nutcracker...
While I know and LOVE the Nutcracker, maybe you've never known the story behind that beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy song you often hear around Christmas time. So here's the scoop! Narrated by Jim Weiss, you hear the story of Clara and Fritz at their parents annual Christmas party. Their god-father, Herr Drosselmeyer, is a toy maker and he brings along a beautiful variety of dancing dolls to the party. He saves the best for Clara, the Nutcracker doll. 
That night as the children sleep, the Nutcracker turns into a prince and battles the Mouse King in Clara's living room. The tree grows quite big and there's a whole new world in their dreams. I can't tell you how it ends though. You have to check that out for yourself!
The story is set to the beautiful music by Tchaikovsky and Jim Weiss is an amazing story teller. The disc is an hour long and believe me, you won't even realize that an hour has past. The quality is amazing and you can picture all that is happening in your mind as you listen along. 
The study guide that is sent with the disc helps you dig a little deeper into the history of ballet, the harp, and of course, Tchaikovsky. There's also a few puzzles for your children to work on while they are listening to this amazing CD. 
Maestro Classics Review
What we thought...
Well, of course, I loved it! What's not to love? It's the Nutcracker ;-) . My son really enjoyed it as well. He has always loved audio books and this one was a new route for him to try. He really enjoys listening to it as he's working on spelling words, cursive, etc. We have played this several times already and he wants to take it along with us in the car. I say that's a huge win as for the longest time, he'd rather hear stories, not music. This combines the best of both worlds and gives him an amazing experience. 

I highly recommend the Maestro Classics for your homeschool classroom or for your car. These amazing stories are well told, exciting, and have amazing music behind them. Check them out on social media below and click the banner to see the other selections offered! 
Maestro Classics Review
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