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EdTechLens Rainforest Journey Review

Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review
Science is huge in our house. We love all things to do with experiements and learning about the world around us. We recently received the EdTechLens  product called Rainforest Journey for the 4th grade to review.

EdTechLens offers different digital learning options for grades K-5th grade. This online science program for kids offers a way for them to learn all about the Rainforest and gain their life sciences credit they need during elementary school.

This program offers the sophisticated software that you'd find in higher grades but tailors it so that your elementary student can easily maneuver their way through. It is a program that offers a variety of lessons,  extra learning and even quizzes at the end to make sure your child grasped the topics in each lesson. This works great when  you're teaching one child, have multiple levels in your classroom or if you work with a co-op group as well. It adapts to a variety of levels depending on the product level you purchase.

What we received:
We received a one year online subscription to the Rainforest Journey science curriculum.

Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review
This online science program offers 34 different lessons to use to learn all about the rainforest and the rich life that lives and moves there. Each lesson or day you work with the program should last around 15 to 30 minutes depending on where your student is at. For us, it looked like about 20 minute days spent on the program.

Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review

The program provides you with daily lessons, easy navigation throughout the site and assessments to test if your child grasped the concept based on that lesson. Each lesson is similar throughout the program for all grades but adds more concepts for the older children to learn.

This is not just an online program. There are many other great additions to the program than just sitting at your computer. After you have done the lesson you'll find extra tools on their website, activities you can do outside of the computer, and much more. You'll find that all the activities they offer to reiterate the lesson are easily done at your home.

The online homeschool science curriculum covers a variety of topics including animals in the rainforest, adaptation to survive, the ecosystem around the rainforest and much more.

What we thought:
We both enjoyed working with this program. Boo Bear had his own sign-on for the site so he could work under his name. Signing in under my screen name means that I can see his progress, his assessment scores and also go through the lesson with him if I choose. Each day he would sign on with his screen name and work for around 15-20 minutes. He would have the computer read the material to him as he studied the pictures that were shown. These are amazing pictures, by the way. He easily continued through each lesson he was working on and took assessments at the end.

I like that he can work this program on his own if he wants and I can easily track his progress through the program.

I would recommend trying this program out and seeing how it works for your student. It's a great way to make sure they get their life science in for elementary and get a good solid foundation for future science programs.

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Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review

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