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Apologia Educational Ministries: Writers in Residence Review

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

Here in our house we love Apologia Educational Ministries company! They are a staple in our science program and have been since we started homeschooling. Recently we were awarded the opportunity to review their new homeschool writing curriculum by Debra Bell called Writers in Residence.

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

Apologia Educational Ministries is a great company that offers curriculum for a variety of ages, subjects, and grades. We have used a variety of their items including science programs, their awesome field trip journal and now the writing/language arts curriculum program.

What we received:
We received the physical student manual book and the answer key for me. The Volume 1 all in one book contains a guide to get you started, teaches you how to use the book itself, and my favorite, a planned out program for you to use and know how to schedule the modules.

As with all of their curriculum, this program incorporates a Biblical based writing program that helps your child learn to be more creative with their writing projects. It offers a variety of items throughout the book to encourage them to write more often like the Spotlight on Christian Writers. Throughout the book there are stories with questions and answers from famous Christian writers. They tell their stories of how they got into writing, where they get their ideas from, and even if they enjoyed writing when they were younger.

How We Used It:
Each week we would follow the guidelines that the program lays out. For me that was one of my favorite parts of the curriculum. (the science program does that too). It makes it easy for this Mama to know that this is how much work we should be able to cover each day and the pace to keep us on to finish this program in the recommended time.

We would read the daily lessons together and work on the writing projects. Boo Bear is not one that loves writing, (typical boy) and so we worked more together than others. You can let your child work on the assignments themselves or do them together, whatever works best for you. This program includes everything from capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and even figuring out how to come up with your ideas for the stories you write.

Your child learns to investigate their ideas, brainstorm for their ideas, and even how to work with a rubric module. It is broken down into easy to manage steps and processes for grades 4th - 8th. So this would work with a couple of students, depending on their levels.

What we thought:
 We enjoyed working with this program as we do all the Apologia Educational Ministries programs. This is an all inclusive language arts curriculum and makes it easy to get everything in one lesson. It is a program based on 32-weeks at 4 lessons a week. That works great with our schedule as we tend to take one day off a week for make-up, field trips etc.

I highly recommend you check this writing program out from Debra Bell if you're in need of an easy to use program that encompasses the entire language arts.

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Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

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