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LearnBop: LearnBop for Families Review

LearnBop for Families Review
Recently we received the opportunity to check out a new math program online called LearnBop. The program we reviewed was the LearnBop for Families program that is an online math tutor program. The program is designed to help families who need a little extra practice in math or for classrooms as well. You can use the program at home on the computer or even on the go with a tablet, like we do so very often.

LearnBop for Families Review
What we received:
We received the 12-month subscription to the online math program for the review. The program is based on teaching videos and "bops" that are completed after the videos are watched and the lesson taught. You'll receive access to a parents page where you can keep up with your children's progress and they have a sign-in for their own page to do the work.

Here's a shot of what my screen looks like for Mom's page.

It shows me a variety of things on the sign in page such as how much he has worked on lessons, where he is at in completing the process and how much time was spent working on the concepts. It also allows me the option to see where he's at on his roadmap.

The program is available for one child or multiple children so you can easily see all your children's progress at once.

Once Boo Bear signs in to his page, he will see the concept he is currently working on at the very beginning. He can then complete a bop and work on mastering the concept. He concept has a certain mastery level that must be reached before moving to the next concept. So he can work to just the mastery level, for example 90% , or he can work until he's got 100% if he wants to. Some of these concepts for fourth grade were pushing his limits a little but that is good. (At least to mama it is)

How we used it:
We would sign in on our laptop for Boo Bear to work on a bop or two at a time. If some of the concepts were a little harder, then we would maybe do one video and a bop to work on it a little at a time. For example, the lesson he worked on has around three videos to watch where he is taught the concept in the lesson he's working on. There are extra videos if he's not sure he completely understands it. Once he's watched them he works on the bop which reiterates the lesson he just worked on.

It shows him his progress along the bottom of the screen, how far he has to go and also he earns rewards throughout the tutoring to encourage him to keep bopping along.

We would work on this a couple times a week to go over our math curriculum we were learning. It helps to reiterate the concepts we were learning in our math program and to also touch over concepts that he has struggled with in the past.

The great thing is mom, dad, or even college age kids can use this program as well. There's math tutoring assistance for all areas of math including geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry and more areas!!

What we thought:
The concepts were pushing Boo Bear to really think in some of the bops so I really liked that. He wasn't sure at first because he to think but once he grasped it, he was excited! It's always great to see that lightbulb of "getting it" come on.

I liked that I can see his progress and that he's not the only one learning as we go through the videos and the questions. I like also that it can go with us as we need to take school on the road a lot. You can sign in on a tablet and take LearnBop with you where you need it to go.

I highly recommend checking this program out if you're searching for a program that can help tutor your math students, or even tutor you in concepts you're having trouble with. You can use it for a variety of math helps and to work through troubling concepts.

Check the program and company out on their social media links below. Don't forget to also check out the other Crew Members thoughts by clicking the banner below.


LearnBop for Families Review

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  1. it is nice isn't it when they "GET IT"... so nice to see those smiles.


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