Friday, August 19, 2016

Enlivenze LLC Tyrannosaurus Rex FlipStir Puzzle Review

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
Recently we received the exciting and fun Enlivenze LLC Tyrannosaurus Rex FlipStir puzzle. This was so much fun and one of our favorite reviews this year. 
If you're a puzzle lover, like we are, then this is a new twist on the puzzle. You can choose from a variety of different topics such as the T-rex like we did or the solar system, Statue of Liberty and more. 
These puzzles are unique and fun to play with offering entertainment to all who play with them. 
What we received:
We received the Tyrannosaurus Rex FlipStir puzzle for our review. This is not your everyday puzzle. This product is a self contained puzzle adding a level of interesting fun to the whole experience. 
FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

This puzzle contains a wand inside the container to help you manipulate the pieces in the right order. We had a blast playing with this 3D puzzle that is unlike any other one we've tried. The pieces are all mixed up and it's your job to create the picture in the right order. 

How it works:
The FlipStir item is meant to be shaken up to mix the pieces all around. Then you use the wand to move pieces or "stir" them around to get them in the right order. There are ten pieces of the puzzle to put together in the right order. The bottom one is the label and then as you work your way up the T-rex himself shows up. 

My son had a blast trying to figure this 3D puzzle out. I have to be honest, Daddy got this one faster than me or the kiddo. He has a knack for puzzles and had it figured out in five minutes or less. For me and Boo Bear, it took a little longer. It is fun and unique and a great way to take puzzles or toys on the road. This can easily be tossed in a bag to go with you on a plane, car rides, or other adventures to make sure that you have something to keep everyone occupied with.

What we thought:
We gave this toy two thumbs up! This was a fun review to work our brains and concentration even if school isn't in session. We simply shake up the puzzle, stir it around and solve it! It's really a great addition to add to any puzzle lovers collection. These would make a great Christmas or birthday gift as well. These are great to get the brain thinking and working or for a fun downtime activity. There are many different scenes and puzzles to choose from so you can work on them throughout your week. They are also perfect to keep for busy day activities or just because you want to work a puzzle. There's no messy clean up and are great for traveling and field trip times in the car. 

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FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
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