Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Homeschool Weekly(actually monthly) Update...

Hey y'all!! It's been a couple months since I had time to sit down and write up a homeschool wrap-up. It has been a crazy busy couple of months and it's just gearing up to be even more wacky and wild. However, I'm trying to make a conscious effort to blog it more and take more pictures. I want to live IN the moment but also document the moment at the same time.

So, here's a look at our 5th grade year in action, so far:

We have gone to the local science museum in August for their homeschool day. We actually ended up getting the yearly pass this time so that we can visit more this year. I want to start doing more field trips. I say that every year and every year we fall into the rut. The rut that we just try to drudge through, you know what I mean?

 We have also had an amazing opportunity to view the traveling Vietnam Veteran's Memorial wall. We were able to see the parade as it was escorted through our town, meet some helicopter pilots that flew in the war and see the wall itself.

It was quite an amazing experience that I don't know that we would have had if not for this wonderful traveling exhibit. I highly recommend you visit it if you're close to the actual one or if this one comes to your city.

We have been doing a science/math tutoring/co-op with my parents as well this year. They have moved to the area so we are able to harness their knowledge and awesomeness. You know what I mean.. It has been fun to go for once a week sessions where the kids can learn from someone other than us Mama's. It makes a difference!

In case you didn't know, we like science around here! So we are again loving our Apologia Science series this year with all the fun hands-on experiments to try out.

We are using Singapore math again this year. I feel it's easier to have the workbook on hand so that is one reason we went that route. Plus it's an awesome program!

We have been doing a book club with Mimi and the kids are all reading The Magician's Nephew. They have all been enjoying it and it's a great lesson for Boo Bear. He's learning that sometimes we read what we want and other times we do have to read items that may not be what we've personally picked out. However, they can still be fun and neat if we give them a chance!!

Our drama and science classes have kicked into full gear again as well. He loves those classes and I'm not sure what we'll do when he outgrows the science program here. Papa will have to kick his weekly co-op up a notch! ;-)

We have been working along in all our books and moving at a pretty good pace. We've hit some rough patches but that's the awesome thing about homeschooling. If we hit a snag, we don't have to just "hope" he gets it later on. We can take time working on it until he gets it to move on.

We are now gearing up for fun fall activities that we want to do, park days since the weather is finally not 1,000 degrees outside, and of course those fun carnivals and festivals that are coming up. We are currently in Halloween costume making mode and getting ready for our church's involvement in our local city's Trail of Treaters. One day I'll have to share my heart on why this event is so big to me, but that is a whole other post.

So, how is your homeschool year going along? Are you have a good one so far? Have a wonderful week this week and we'll be back soon! (I promise)

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