Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thankful Thursday

800. Wow! I'm thankful I've reached 800! This is an amazing thing and we are almost to 1000 gifts! What a blessing!

801. I'm thankful for normalcy returning. While we enjoy all the holiday season has to bring, normalcy is amazing as well.

802. I'm thankful for school progressing this week. I was concerned as it was our first week back, but so far, so good.

803. I'm thankful that Boo Bear's science classes start up today. He loves those classes and I love that he enjoys them.

804. I'm thankful for a church family that treats my family as their own.

805. I'm thankful for amazing adventures last year and excited to see what this year holds.

806. I'm thankful for post-it notes. Yes. Post it notes. I have them everywhere. Without them, I'd be a mess. :)

807. I'm thankful that when I feel down or discouraged on my weight loss progress, there's always someone that comments on how great I am looking. It is very, very slow going and I get easily discouraged when the scale doesn't move or people who've been eating like I do for a very short time have already lost more than me. (I'm being real here for a minute). But God always sends someone along to encourage me. I have more problems than normal that fight me everyday on this process so I have to keep on keeping on. And I am :)

808. I'm thankful for growth in the youth group. It's been almost a year since I started working with the group and the growth has amazed all of us leaders.

809. I'm thankful for clean fresh sheets. Nothing like slipping into the bed at the end of a long day and inhaling that fresh out of the laundry smell.

So, what blessings are you counting today? Be grateful and count your blessings even in the darker times. You'd be amazing at what just taking a few minutes everyday to be thankful can do!!

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