Saturday, July 22, 2017

Welcome to Our 6th Grade Year!

Wow! Can't believe we are about to embark on our first year of middle school! Time sure does fly when we're having a blast! Right? Here we go! Welcome to 6th grade!!

So I wanted to take some time and share our curriculum choices for our upcoming year. We are going to do a soft start on Monday so we can ease our way back into school. This is the first year, ever since we started homeschooling, that Boo Bear has received a true summer break. Usually we work right on through the year but this time with theater camp, we changed that up.

He played the best Magic Mirror I've ever seen. (not bias here at all)

We had some adventures too. We visited a museum with Mimi and Papa, went to see several movies on the big screen and have hung out with friends.

Even tried out the new trampoline park close by with a Ninja Warrior course and everything.

But alas, school must return. So, here's a look at what we'll be doing for our 6th grade year.

Science, Language Arts, and... Batman!
Science this year is again an Apologia course. We've worked with this curriculum since we started so we're sticking with it. With Papa and Mimi being close this year, it will surely be a fun experience! We are working on General Science. He is in 6th grade and that's supposed to be for 8th grade but we feel he's ready for the challenge. We'll see!!! It's going to be a lot more work than he's used to so prayers for both of us are appreciated!

Language arts is a mixture of workbooks we've used before. We'll be working more on cursive handwriting again, spelling and reading comprehension. Also going to work on a Geography skills workbook and writing workbook to help his handwriting and language arts learning. He needs to boost his confidence in his spelling and writing. He also got his Mama's issue of not having a neat handwriting so those are all skills we're going to tackle. 

And of course, you can't have school without some fun, right? Hence the Batmobile pencil box so that the Dark Knight can have his supplies ready at the helm!

I am so excited about history this year! I love American History and always have. So, this year we're going to be working on Notgrass America the Beautiful! We are both super excited to use this amazing looking curriculum. I've heard nothing but awesome things about it so we are ready to dive in! 

We are sticking with Math Mammoth and moving along with this curriculum. I love the ease of use, that everything is all in one place including teaching manuals. I am excited to move forward and see where this year goes!

Our School Room
We also have a different set up this year. I have to admit. I can't stand things looking cluttered.  (in most scenarios) My desk and Boo Bear's desk is two of those areas I want neat and tidy. I feel like it is more conducive to working if it is all organized and ready to be tackled. So here's a few shots of our new set up. 

Darth Vader makes journal writing more fun!

So, I went to Dollar Tree ( love that place!) and got some red and blue bins for his books and school items. Each bin is labeled as to what is in it and has all the supplies in each bin for that subject. So for example, Math has the protractor, ruler, compass, and calculator he will need throughout the year. Science has his notebook and all required textbooks, etc. Hopefully this will make it easier for us to work through this year and keep everything where it should be. I also have a bin for Science Experiments that has all the items needed for experiments through each module.

So that's a look at where we are so far :). I look forward to sharing our adventures this year and hope you stop by to see where God takes us. I want to enjoy this journey as all too soon it'll be over and he'll be off to college and getting married, and... Sigh....

Happy weekend to you and yours and we'll see you around!


  1. We hope you have a great journey through America the Beautiful!

    1. Thank you John! We are loving it so far. So awesome!!!


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