Monday, August 14, 2017

Menu Plan Monday! Week of August 14-18

Welcome back to Menu Plan Mondays! I'm working on getting these going again. How many of you here know life gets wild and crazy? Raise your hand!! I have been menu planning at home for months and it has truly helped me to budget for groceries better, know that answer to "what's for dinner" and keep myself sane while trying to juggle multiple things all day long. 

I also felt like it was time to start sharing them again. Maybe it'll help someone out there to find easy dinners or ideas for those times you just get in a rut. So, here's our menu for the week! 

Hearty Meat Sauce from Peace Love and Low Carb with Noodles for the boys

Leftovers from Monday

Parmesan Pork Chops
Green Beans

Lemon Pepper Chicken
Red Lobster biscuits for the guys
Broccoli with Cheese

Grill steak
Riced Cauliflower for me
Baked potatoes for my boys

Fried Eggs
French Toast in a Bowl (THM recipe)
For the kiddo I'll add a biscuit or waffle

Salads and chicken fingers for Boo bear
Salads with a variety of meats for myself
Hubby takes his lunch

A few notes on our regular eating:
I am a low-carb/Trim Healthy Mama style eater. I am a diabetic so carbs and wheat just do not work well with me. I don't cook two meals, I simply choose a meat and then pick sides around it for all of us. The boys eat more breads and carbs than I do but I try to keep it a healthy meal all around. Thankfully my kiddo will chow down on a salad so that is an easy side everyone enjoys.

What's for dinner at your house this week?

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