Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Curriculum Choices 2019-2020 8th Grade Year

Ummm... did I just type that? 8th grade?? How did that happen so fast? Didn't I just take this photo yesterday?

Sigh...time moves entirely too fast Mamas. Make sure that you are cherishing every moment you can. Even those that bring you to tears or make you question if that phase will ever end? It will and a new one creeps up on you.

The next thing you know, they are almost taller than you and are doing things all on their own.

Okay, enough with the emotional stuff... Let's get on to what our 8th grade school year will look like.

We actually took the summer off this year due to a lot of fun adventures. It is the first time he's ever had a summer break in our entire career of homeschooling. Hopefully it works in our favor for when it is time to start back in a couple weeks!

Here we go!

Math and Science
We will continue doing these two subjects on Florida Virtual School. I'm thankful we have this free program to compliment our homeschool curriculum and keep us on track. The teachers we have had so far are wonderful and work with Boo Bear to make sure he does his best. This option is a great one for us as we do not want to do all of our school work on the computer. It gives us the option to pick and choose the courses, up to 6 classes at a time, that he can take. We typically stick with these two subjects as we like other options, for now, for the rest.

Grammar and Spelling
We are trying a different route this year with our grammar. We will be doing the ACE Paces for English and Word Building. These smaller books help Boo Bear to actually see completion throughout the school year and it helps him to keep pushing along. I have been a writer and editor for 10 plus years but I do NOT like English... Go figure... We are excited to try this program out this year and will keep you posted on how it works for us.

American History
We are using the NotGrass US History program this year. We started it a few years ago and did part of it. We really enjoyed it so we're going to finish it up and do a review for it this year. It is a great program that encompasses maps, quizzes, fun projects to reiterate what we've learned and so much more! 

Boo Bear takes guitar weekly and plays on the youth worship band. This will be one of our extracurriculars through the year as well. 

We will also be making our regular frequent trips to the library for reading materials and research. He will be writing in a journal daily as well. Our field trips look different now that he is older. They are fewer and far between but mainly because he isn't as interested in those as he used to be. That's another sad fact of them growing up. The things that you USED to love aren't as appealing anymore and it's a hard pill to swallow. 

Okay, enough of me gushing over memory lane. This is going to be an exciting year ahead and there will be many adventures, I'm sure! 

What does your homeschool year look like? 

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