Monday, November 4, 2019

Menu Plan Monday: Week of November 4th

Welcome to Menu Planning Monday!

How was your week? Did you stick to the plan you made?

As for us, we did for the most part.  We enjoyed a lovely time for great-grandmother's 89th birthday this weekend, and we helped my parents move some items to their new home.

This week we are on a semi-normal schedule. I'm working from home today instead of the church due to a plumbing issue. Those are always fun right? BUT GOD is working things out for us so it is a blessing in disguise!

Back to menu planning! This week we will have praise and worship practice, church and assisting with any moving my parents may need.

So here's what our menu is going to look like for the week!

Monday - Chicken Alfredo
Tuesday - Meatloaf and veggies
Wednesday - Youth group at church - leftovers
Thursday - Son will make dinner - I have him in charge of supper one night each week. He will come up with his shopping list and plan.
Friday - Possible date night with friends
Saturday - Grill Burgers and hot dogs
Sunday - Pork chops on grill

So what does your week look like? Hope it's a fantastic one! Have any great recipes you want to share?

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