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Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible Review & GIVEAWAY! (Sponsored Post)

Life Essentials Bible Review

Having a solid study bible on hand is critical to diving deeper in the scripture. There are many options out there that are great, but I want to present you a new option that I hope you enjoy! I was recently asked to review the Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible by Gene A. Getz. Dr. Getz is a renowned teacher of the Bible and provides an in depth look at the guiding principles and wisdom throughout the entire book. If you'd like to hear from Dr. Getz for yourself, here's a video of how he came about to develop this study bible that was released on March 15, 2020. Take a look below at all the wonderful features of this study bible and make sure to check out the giveaway down at the bottom of the post! 

What's in the Bible?

This study bible takes an interactive approach to diving deeper into God's word. Throughout the bible, you will find sections called Principles. Each of these are a look deeper into the specific life lesson that God is sharing in that specific passage of scripture. Each principle has notes and questions, but also a scannable QR code for you to interact with that specific passage. The QR code will let you to a video where Dr. Getz is actually teaching that principle. It is a great way to read the Word, hear the Word, and study it all at the same time. For some of us, video or audio make it easier to grasp the concept you're trying to understand. For others, reading it is the best way. This bible offers multiple ways for you to study the scriptures deeper than you may have before. There's also questions in the principles to help you study in your own life or to have for a small group study if you're working with others. 

There are over 1500 different videos that can be used in this study bible for you to interact with. They vary in length, depending on the topic at hand. The reasoning behind putting these principles in the way they are is to help us all apply the scripture to our life every day. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand some of the scriptures and how it actually applies to us. Dr. Getz has come alongside you to have a bible teacher in your home while you study. I personally like to study a variety of bible versions at one time in my own devotion time. I like to have several open to the same passage to help me compare each and all the notes that are provided. It has helped tremendously having the video teaching as well. If you want to watch a video, you can. If you prefer to study the questions and read for yourself, you do that as well. 

Each principle is highlighted in a blue section on the page that is near the scripture it is referring too. You can see that in the picture below.

Another very cool feature to these principles is that while you're reading, there are sections that refer back to a previous principle mentioned before. For example, while reading in Luke chapter 19 verse 45-47, there are blue notes to refer you back to a principle in Isaiah. You can see how the scripture is all woven together and how each lesson is shown throughout the word itself. 

Other Features:

There are many other features of this study bible that include: 
  • Two-color design in the interior
  • Concordonce
  • Full color maps
  • Commentary
  • Questions to help study deeper
  • Nice sized font
  • Introduction page to each book
  • Introduction to the principles in that book
  • Smyth sewn binding
  • Footnotes
  • Christian Standard Version

What is Christian Standard Version or CSV?

I know there are of us that prefer King James over anything else. I find myself leaning more towards ESV these days as it seems the closest to the King James but in easier to understand English. However, the CSB is a great option as well for those who are new believers or those who need help understanding. It is easy to read and understand for all ages. The CSB was created to stay faithful to the original writings of scripture while giving you clarity at the same time. However, I would never tell you which version you should choose to go with. I highly suggest you research the options out there and choose the one you feel the most confident in. 

You need to understand what you're reading as well as have the closest thing to the original as you possibly can. 

Now for some fun!

I have been given the amazing opportunity to offer one of these bibles to YOU in a giveaway below! Be sure to click the Rafflecopter link for entry and comment below what your favorite version of the bible is. Do you have a study bible at home already? 

Thank you for stopping in to hang out with me and talk about a new study option out there to help you grow in your walk with Christ. Be blessed! 

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