Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions… Kind of late.. :)

Well I guess I should put these in writing so that I have them staring me in the face. LOL I have decided on a few things to do this year and I am holding you guys to holding me to it! I know I know.. We all do this but I seriously have these goals and need them out in front of me.

First goal,take better care of myself. Food is not worth it.. I have not really talked about this but I think I am addicted to food. It tastes soo good and I know what I should and should not be eating. Being a diabetic I know what can happen if I do not watch it and for many years I have been coasting and been fine. I am still “fine” but I don’t want to be “ Fine”. I want to be great!! I want test results to say I am beating this disease NOT that it is beating me. I have a son to live for, a family to take care of and things I want to see in my life. NOT taking care of myself is not an option any longer. I know it will take work but it can be done.

My second goal is to have our behinds in church more than it is not. We have been floundering since moving here and I hate it. I have also learned that I must STOP comparing every church I go to to Northside or my church where I was married. Not every church is the same but God is definitely the same. He has not changed or left. He is the reason!

My third goal is to save money!! :) LOL I know I know.. this is another one of those cliché goals that every seems to have. Well I am serious! I am getting back into the couponing days and seriously thinking about what we are buying and how much we are spending on it. It can be done. I will be one of those who pays practically nothing for her groceries! One progress example was last week. I bought four, yes FOUR, boxes of Special K, a Michelinas dinner for me and a drink for my son. I walked out paying $2.58 for all of that! Wow!!!

Another goal that just occurred is to increase my blog following and help others to do the same. I may not be able to reach a HUGE audience but if something I share can reach one, it is worth it!

Well since I have rambled on I hope you all are doing well and this new year is treating you well.

Ps. we had a BLAST at Busch Gardens this past weekend. Can’t wait to go back!

Until next time…

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