Monday, March 28, 2011


We had a great weekend. :) Well at least in my perspective it was LOL. We cleaned and did house stuff on Saturday with the exception of a trip for me and Boo to Toys R Us. This kid is addicted to anything Super Mario Brothers. LOL I remember when I was addicted to that game too. We have found the old Nintendo Mario games online as well as having the WII game. He loves them both but at Toys R Us he picked out a stuffed Mario and Luigi. ;) So I guess that is where we will go for our G Prizes now. We buy him a small present or toy when he has gotten all good marks at school and when he helps around the house.

Sunday was great! We had an awesome time at our church and Pastor Tim brought a great message. He told us we need to be salt, light and sugar to the world around us. If you can go here and listen to the series and yesterday’s message. It was truly a blessing.

We also had a rocking water gun and water balloon fight. Daddy and I were worn out! We placed balloons and guns around the backyard and it was a free for all to see who got the most wet. It was a blast and beautiful day. Thankful for those days as I look outside at the cloudy, dreary, rainy day we are having now. With the sun there must be some clouds to come in as well.

I just want to share something with you. I was so proud of my little guy yesterday. Well, I am proud of him everyday but yesterday… It just blesses my heart every which way when he talks about God. He was so excited to get out of the car at church yesterday and go learn about “God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, is that his name mommy?”. LOL He is precious! I get teary eyed when he is singing at the top of his lungs in the back seat of how he loves Jesus. I remember singing Jesus loves me to him the first time ever when I held him in my arms and crying. Yes, I am a sap. If you don’t know that already you will soon. I just love watching the wonder in his eyes as he learns new things and asks questions. Some of those questions are not so easy to answer.

Thank you God for blessing my husband and I with this magnificent blessing of a child. Thank you for entrusting us with your precious creation. Thank you for all the lessons You are teaching us through him. Help us to teach him about You more and to be open to what you are showing us through him.

Be Blessed guys and have a great Monday

fishy boo

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