Friday, March 25, 2011

Teachable Moments

There are times in our days and weeks that we can truly teach our children something. I mean we can teach them everyday about how to add this number to get that number and how to read a sign and understand why this does that scientifically. But the lessons we can truly pass on to our children come along few times in our weeks. We can try to show them the right way to do things and help them to understand when they have questions but do we take the time to show them about some of the other great lessons in life?

Our lesson yesterday was one of those moments. I went and did my shopping and was able to get two small bags of dog food for around $2.00 for both. Now if you know my hubby and I (and our son now too) we LOVE dogs. Dogs have a special place in our hearts. In case you haven’t met them yet here are our other two “children”.


This is Oscar. He was our first baby. We bought him about a year after we got married. He has been around since he was 7 weeks old.

This is Zeus.


We adopted him from a farm when we were in Georgia. He is such a big teddy bear and loves to just have his head patted. He will let you know if he is not done being petted by smacking you with his big paw. :) We love them both.

Well because we were blessed to get that food that we didn’t need we decided to take it to the Humane Society. I called to check and make sure they would take it and they were so glad to accept it.

helping puppesHere he is at the Humane Society helping me carry in the dog food. I was telling him that some puppies and other animals don’t have homes and these people rescue them. Since he is very tenderhearted and I did not want to worry him with all the real details I compared them to the Diego show he watches. ;) This helped him to understand that they rescue animals without going into to much detail about why they would not have homes. :) He has such a tender heart and I love him for that. :) Learning to give to others because you have been blessed is something I want him to learn. When God blesses us we have the responsibility to bless others.

If you have a local shelter then please if you can donate a little food or blankets to them do. They need the help desperately now. I know times are rough for everyone but if you can find a great deal then this is one way you can help out. It cost me two dollars out of pocket and a few doggies will get some good grub. :)

Be blessed and have a wonderful weekend! 

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