Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Expectations

My little guy is in pre-k. They are scored each day with a G for a good day and a :), an S for a so-so day or an O- for we had problems today type of day. We started something and parts of me wished we hadn't but the reward system has worked for generations. I know many psychologist may say we have done wrong but... We allow him one "G" prize at the end of the week for having a good week. It could be something like a Hot Wheel car or could be a little bigger depending on the extra jobs he took on that week {his chores and helping daddy}. Well Tuesday we had a G but not a smiley face. I know there was something wrong when there wasn't the normal "Look mom I got a G" wave going on. There was an episode of pushing and Boo Bear lost his smiley. Well you would have thought the world ended. We had a total melt down as soon as he got in the car. I couldn't get him to calm down long enough to explain to me what the problem was. After he finally calmed down and I got the story I was trying to explain he still got a G. He was so afraid I was going to be mad at him. :o( I felt so bad for him. I talked to the teacher to see what was going on and learned he has the same problem his mommy had.. He likes to talk. :o) I did the same thing... LOL

Back story is this... Boo Bear is very tenderhearted and compassionate. He takes everything to heart, just like me. I have always cried when it comes to getting in trouble or getting mad. You criticize me or something I do and I get flustered and sometimes a little weepy. I have always despised this because I can't deal with emotions like hurt feelings or confrontation without turning into a basket case. I so many times wish I could voice my feelings without the sobs and hiccups that come through. ;o) So whenever he thinks he is in trouble he feels the same way and I can totally relate. I wonder sometimes if my expectations have put too much pressure on him. I am trying to do the best I can to help prepare him for the future and help him be the best he can be but I am pushing and expecting too much for his tender age?

I fully believe that God can and does use the compassion like this for other things. Sure I ask Him why can I not get through an issue without totally falling apart before I can handle it like a grown up. I also understand that this compassion drives us in other areas too. Areas like praying for those around us and for those who are struggling. Areas like doing what we can to help others and hopefully teach my son to do the same. Compassion to pray for those who haven't quite made the connection with this awesome Savior like I have. Thank you God for a soft heart. Even in times of trials this heart is Yours and only You can make it tender and compassionate. Lord help me to help Boo bear grow up to love you and lean on you and take that compassionate heart and use it for You.

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you are as blessed as we are. Count your blessings not your problems today and see how much better your day goes. :o)

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  1. I hate to say it, but you got the crying thing from your mama. I do the same thing. When I get mad, I cry. The more I cry, the madder I get. I don't take criticism well, either. I'm sorry, Jen, you just can't help it. You are doing an awesome job with Jackson. I want you to keep it up and keep that compassionate heart you have. May God richly bless you. Love ya, Mom


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