Saturday, April 2, 2011

What I Want for My Son

I want the best. From the moment I knew he was coming I only wanted to best for him. From the moment he was first in my arms and we “met” each other, I only want the best of everything for him.

baby boo and me

He has been such a blessing in my life.


The bond we have is tight and I hope it always stays that way.

me and boo 2

I am so proud of him and only want the best of everything for him. I want him to see his dreams come true and his hopes never fade. I want him to know how much his family loves him everyday. I want him to know that I will help him to fulfill all his dreams and wishes to the best of my ability. I love him with all my heart and want only what is best. He is so smart and learning more every day. I am amazed at how he is growing and developing. He is learning more and more and I am trying to keep up. LOL

Which brings me to why I am on this path… He goes on Monday for his interview at one of the magnet programs in this area. He is very smart and I know he should not have any problems. I only pray that if God wants him there that he will be accepted. If God has other plans for him then we are open and ready to follow that path. I will admit. I am sooo not ready for him to turn 5 and start Kindergarten in a few months.

I miss these days….


But I am so glad that he is smart and growing and healthy. God lead his life in the path you wish him to go. Lead us as his parents, grandparents, friends and family to show him Your ways and Your path. Help us to help him lean on You and learn all he can about You and Your ways. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Please say a prayer for him as he takes this test and for Mama as she is not ready for this at all… (no tears… not yet)

Be blessed and thanks for listening.


mimi and papa


  1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words about the testimony of my marriage :) God has surely shown up and shown out many, many times.

    I hope you will continue to stop by and read up on what God is doing!

    Blessings to you today!

    For Such a Time as This

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by from the UBP. (and for following)

    I know what you mean - my boy turned 5 this weekend. A month or two ago I mourned the passing of this life stage. (why do I resist each new stage at its beginning?) After the sadness though, there is joy for moving forward and anticipation for the next great thing.

    Thanks for sharing this tender post :)


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