Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Take it Easy

Wow!! I am seriously in need of this tip today. LOL I feel like my days are flying by. It has been nuts. Although it has been crazy it has been fun! We are just getting started good on our Summer but we are having a blast. Monday we attended a getting started in homeschooling session here at our library. It was nice although I felt as if it was stuff I already had found on my own. It was nice to put faces to the people who handle the homeschool information here in our county.

Otherwise we are having a blast. Boo Bear seems to be really picking up his words quickly. I am really pleased and excited. I am having to slow myself down though as I feel like we are flying through our days. I look at the clock and ask myself where the time has gone. I guess time truly does fly when you are having fun .;o)

This week we will be having a playdate, running errands and trying to fit some fun stuff in there somewhere. Not sure what kind of trouble we can get into but I am sure we will find some.

What are your tips for slowing life down and taking it easy? Do you have any go to relaxation tricks to help you slow life a little bit? I want to hear from you!

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