Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Normally I would be linking up today to a couple of other blogs with my pictures or something along those lines but... Today I feel like sharing something a little different.

You have ever had a day where it seems like your child is teaching you instead of you imparting the fountains of "knowledge" you have to them? You know like don't stand to close to the oven, don't hang off the couch like that you may fall, those types of things...

Well yesterday it was my son's turn to impart some reminders to me. I am guessing that while he was at church on Saturday night they said something to him about reading his bible everyday. Sunday morning he got up and said Mom, I didn't read my bible today or yesterday. I HAVE to read it today! I do read him bible stories out of his Veggie Tales book. I haven't really sat down and honestly read my NKJV bible to him because I wasn't sure how much he could understand. So... enter my iPhone. ;) We are studying Creation this week as part of our school plan so I thought we would look it up on my phone. We have been listening to chapters 1 and 2 on my phone as it  has an audio Bible version. {which I find seriously awesome!}

He sat down beside me last night on the couch and said we didn't do our bible study yet and Mom you need to start reading your bible everyday! ;o) I said I do read it everyday usually before you get it. I guess I should start where he can see me read the bible. He was correct however in that yesterday I had not read my bible yet.

Then to top it all off he kept on and kept on urging me until I got up and did the Wii Fit with him. ;o) I have slightly let my workout routine go to the wayside so this was good for me and him.

It's funny how we are supposed to be the ones teaching them and prodding them into their good habits yet on days like yesterday he was doing it to me. I love my little guy and I am so blessed to be called his Mother. Thank you Boo Bear for making Mommy get up and do what she is supposed to do even if she wasn't ready to do it... yet...

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