Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Journey

81. Sitting in my swing my hubby built

82. The smell of freshly cut grass

83. cutting grass - this is a rare treat for me now that I am married. I have to go to my mom's to cut her's to get to do this.LOL

84. Teaching my son to cook

84. My son wanting to learn to cook. LOL

85. Watching old movies over and over again

86. A good night's sleep

87. Reading a good book that I just can not put down.

88. Playing in the band in high school

89. Sitting down to play the piano and just... play

90. A good pizza

91. Swimming in the lake

92. Spontaneous parties.

93. planned parties

94. A calendar

95. A schedule

96. A planner... lol I love planners, calendars, schedulers anything that you can buy to plan your day with... I don't always use them but I do love them. :)

97. Being free to do as you wish

98. My new iPhone. - I never thought I would use that as much as I do but I do so love it

99. Saving money

100. My dad's ham on Christmas- I wait all year for this...

101. My hubby's fried turkey!! Oh yumm...

102. Hanging out with extended family

103. Laughing about old times.

104. Remembering the old times

105. Making new memories

106. The blue sky and sunshine. Somehow it is much bluer now than I remember

107. The night sky... when there are no clouds and you can truly see all the stars that God threw out there.

108. Songs that make me cry

109. Organizing areas

110. The smell of newborns. That baby powder sweet smell is such a blessing.

111. Knowing that no matter what comes your way... With God... All things are possible.

112. Knowing that when God shuts one door He always leaves a window open... Or maybe it is another door...

113. Puppy breath.

114. the music from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

115. Coloring in a coloring book

116. The Aquarium... anywhere really but just watching those beautiful fish and the peaceful water.. ahhh

117. Sea World... I love the wonderment in my son's eyes when Shamu jumps high out of the water.

118. Fireworks - I love a good fireworks show

119. Panning for gold... or rocks... or Emeralds....

120. Taking my son to new places.

Join me each week and share your gifts. We are on our way to 1000 gifts... What are you thankful for?


  1. Love reading your journey comments! It's a nice way to start the day.
    Did you do a new design? looks very nice!

  2. Hi Les! Yes I did change up the blog. :) Thanks for the lovely comments! I am really liking taking this journey:) Thanks for stopping by with me every week!


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