Friday, June 29, 2012

HMJ: Tropical Storms and The Library

In our life this week... It was very wet. Rain, rain and more rain as Tropical Storm Debby slowly moved across our area. Whew! We have had two days of sunshine in the last 7 days and hopefully we will have some this weekend to help be able to cut the grass. It has turned into a jungle!
I have also been praying for several friends that have been going through some major events in their lives. Continuing to lift them up.

In our homeschool this week... I made some decisions, we had some very short lessons in life and we worked on our homeschool area some. I went to visit a private school open house because they are doing a homeschool umbrella school option with it as well. I loved what I saw but... (there's always a "but" right?) I was dealing with some confusion on my part. My DS had decided he still wanted to homeschool and I have everything planned for curriculum this year. I actually have all but Science and Math here. I was looking at this to be a way for him to get some socialization with children his age and a way to get to do some extracurriculars with a "school". Then I was talking to the nice lady opening the school about working it out for him to go full time and I would work with her at the school volunteering etc. My problem with the homeschool part is I am tied to their curriculum. While I already have their history program, everything else was different. I was praying and thinking... God has already provided all of our curriculum, some of it free and I was sure of our plan. I was adding my own confusion to this situation. So, I am going to hold off for now and go with our plan we had in place. The plan I felt was right from the beginning of summer. Funny how we do that to ourselves right?

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We have been to the library a couple times this week and going again today ;). Have I mentioned how much I LOVE summer library programs? Yesterday we met our  HS group friends and we are meeting again today. I also love how my son loves to play with his friends, and I love chatting with great friends myself.

Things I'm working on... Getting ready for a busy rest of the year actually. My son will be spending a week visiting grandparents in about a week and then from there on out it gets super duper busy for us. Camp after that, getting started officially back to school, etc. It will be busy busy busy!

I'm inspired by... The different bloggers I read daily. I love linking up with them, reading their stories and hearing their heart come shining through. It's amazing and you inspire me daily!

My favorite thing this week... Working and connecting with a new to homeschool mom in our town. I am so blessed to help others join this amazing journey and help mentor them as so many of you did for me. It is such a blessing for me to show them you can do this! I love working with others and helping others and this has been such a wonderful joy.

I'm reading... Predator by Terri Blackstock. DS and I started reading the first Warrior book but not sure how that's going to go. We need to get some more read alouds for us...

A photo of this week... Here's the "king of the couch" this week... He's our basset hound and he's such a stinker... We love him though and couldn't live without him  and his antics:)

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