Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I have so much to be thankful for this Thursday. When I look around at friends hurting everywhere I turn, it reminds me that I am very blessed and that I can lift those friends up in prayer daily. Please pray with me for friends: one whose 3 year old daughter had to have brain surgery yesterday. As of last night she is out of surgery and doing well. One whose friend has had a horrible accident and she is going into surgery this morning. Others who are just facing difficult times. Everywhere I look it seems that times are difficult and friends are in real need of God's touch on their lives. Thank you for stopping by and let's count our many blessings together!!

 - My kiddo and I in the kitchen. We made whole wheat banana muffins last night and they were awesome. He did a great job mashing those bananas and helping me add ingredients to the bowl :) Love cooking with my kiddo (recipe next week!!)
 - Our health, happiness and that we didn't have any flooding this week. Tropical Storm Debbie decided to hang around for several days and our city did suffer some problems. Thankfully our house was not one that had any issues.
 - God's direction. I have had a choice to make this week and have been in prayer over what to do. I love it when you have that peace about a decision that you just know it's right. It isn't always that easy when making decisions but sometimes... it is.
 - My family. They always have something encouraging to say and a different angle than maybe what I was thinking
. - Almond Joy coffee creamer... okay I know that it may seem silly but that stuff is yummy. It makes me feel like I got a little bit of a candy bar without all the consequences that come with it.
 - Cuddling with my houndie... I think we all like this one. Isn't he just a cutie??

So what are you thankful for this week? Counting our blessings just make things seem much brighter don't you think? God bless you and thank you in advance for adding these precious people to your prayers.


The Fontenot Four

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